Cursed Legion

Card/Unit StatsEdit

  • Rarity: Common
  • Faction: Hellspawn
  • Unit Type: Unit.
  • Casting Cost: 24 Mana
    • Off-Faction Casting cost: 29
  • HP: 160
  • Accuracy: 75
  • Damage: 40
  • Speed: 514
  • Row: 1
  • Properties: Defender 5
  • Special Attack: Blunt Weapon
    • Recharge time: 1 round
    • Action point Cost: 10
    • Effect: Deals 30 damage; target attacks with 75% base attacks for battle duration.


The debuff of Blunt Weapon WILL stack. Ergo 1 attack: 75% of original base damage; 2 = 57%, 3 = 42%, and so on.

The Cursed Legion is a pretty strong unit. Boasting 160 HP for 24/29 Mana cost, and with high speed, these units can be amazing if you control them... or a bother if you don't. A notable disadvantage is their average accuracy, so buffing it is preferred.

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