Card/Unit StatsEdit

  • Rarity: Uncomon
  • Faction: Flameborn
  • Spell type: In and out of combat
    • Out of Combat Use
      • Timing: Immediately before motion occurs.
      • Mana Cost: 14
        • Off-Faction Mana cost: 18
      • Effect: Deal 5-25 damage to each visible enemy.
    • In Combat use:
      • Spell Duration: One round
      • Action point cost: 20
        • Off-faction AP cost:
      • Effect: Deal 5-25 damage to each enemy.


When using Gnashing out of combat, you can only deal damage to enemies who are on visible regions (home regions and all regions you have previously captured or scouted). Enemies who show up as "enemy unit" and are represented by a flag will not be effected by this spell.

When using Gnashing in combat, damage is dealt to EACH enemy, regardless of what row they are in or what special properties each unit has.

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