Card/Unit StatsEdit

Hell's warden
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Faction: Hellspawn
  • Unit Type: Unit.
  • Casting Cost:34
    • Off-Faction Casting cost:41
  • HP: 190
  • Accuracy: 90
  • Damage: 45
  • HellsWarden

    Photo credit: Cinnamoroll27

Speed: 246

  • Row: 2
  • Properties: Ranged
  • Special Attack: Glimpse the Forbidden
    • Recharge time: 1 round
    • Action point Cost: 10
    • Effect: All effects on enemy units are erased.
  • Special Attack: Group Stun
    • Recharge time: 2 rounds
    • Action point Cost: 30
    • Effect: From 2 to 5 enemy units are stunned.


Highly effective as a ranged unit, boasting high accuracy and modest damage with rather good health.

The first special doesn't seem to work-either from a bug or some other reason-or is only temporary. The second special works perfectly fine, stunning 2-5 random enemies as stated. Specials used by units prior to Group Stun will still be resolved as normal.

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