Mistress of War

Corrupted by the lure of evil, the Mistress of War is bent on destroying all in her path to gain power.

Card/Unit StatsEdit

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Faction: Hellspawn
  • Unit Type: Hero
  • Casting Cost: 36 Mana
    • Off-Faction Casting cost:
  • HP: 240
  • Accuracy: 85
  • Damage: 45
  • Speed: 340
  • Row: 1
  • Properties: Armour 10
  • Special Attack: Soul Barage
    • Recharge time: 1 round
    • Action point Cost: 20
    • Effect: Destroy target unit you control. Deal 65 damage to each enemy unit.
  • Special Attack: Mass Life Drain
    • Recharge time: 2 rounds
    • Action point Cost: 30
    • Effect: Drain 25 HP from each enemy unit and heal the total amount.


Soul Barrage will not work if a faster enemy first kills off the target allied unit (by special attack). If the above happens, Mistress of War will auto attack an enemy.

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